Welcome to the Magpie Trust. Operating out of Scotland, our small team of dedicated support workers are individually qualified in their roles. We provide solution focused counselling & emergency intervention services across an extensive array of needs. In addition to scheduled sessions we provide an out of hours Confidential Intervention Line

INTERVENTION : 07796 667684


What does wellbeing actually mean to us? For some it's the combination of a healthy mind & body, feeling good about ourselves, eating well, finding the space for exercising, socialising, perhaps developing new skills or simply managing to balance work & home life. Sometimes we all require a little support to kickstart success in these areas or perhaps overcome hurdles which have previously held us back. Magpie assists by working with individuals (or groups) to re-focus & develop tailored, achievable goals which encourage personal wellbeing.


As individuals we can usually recognise when we feel stressed or upset - often there are clear reasons or triggers. There are times & many reasons, however - where we each struggle to make sense of our emotional self, resulting in behaviours our family or friends don't recognise - & sometimes we can't even recognise them in ourselves. It can be very isolating when you can't make sense of how you feel. We provide qualified team members to work with individuals, partners, families & friends to develop a consistent network of supported recognition & understanding.


Have you ever had a head cold, or perhaps even the flu? Generally the last thing we feel like doing is going outside for some fresh air, especially in the winter months & that's ok! We all experience times where wrapping up in a duvet, surrounding ourselves with hot remedy drinks & a box (or two!) of tissues helps us to recuperate. Emotional recuperation can often be much harder to remedy & so the Magpie Trust provides proven motivational resources across a wide range of needs to facilitate & maintain emotional recovery.


Our support is ongoing. We remain available to ensure the network which has benefited you, a friend, partner or family member - won't suddenly vanish - leaving an unsupported gap in maintaining an individuals' continued improvement & ultimately - their recovery.